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February 2, 2008
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Valentines Link and Midna by Maurexen Valentines Link and Midna by Maurexen
Here's my FIRST Valentine's Day piece... I'm planning to do an AxelXLarxene and a Faith (courtesy of :iconflamingchibi: ) XKeir as well.

I love this pairing. My favorite LOZ pair. Link and Midna do not belong to me. Property of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto....but DON'T steal my picture please.
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KannaLilly Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
Personally, I'm against LinkXMidna, but I faved because this pictures is soooo cute :D
Wolfie Link, there's nothing more adorable :D Plus Midna has great character design, so that makes it a hundred times cuter! PLUS A HUG! THE CUTNESS METER... FLASHING... RED... ALL LIMITS... SURPASED... ITS... IT"S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAND!!!!!
Maurexen Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2009
LoL! Thank you very much.

I did this to be cute...I'm kind of a fan of the couple but I'm not one of those die-hard fans that's going to take the head off anyone who disagrees. I like LinkXZelda too that particular game there weren't too many LinkXZelda moments...far more LinkXMidna in that game.
KannaLilly Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
And it is cute!
True, the LinkXMidna was certainly there... but that game... I had three problems with it. The first was it's inssane length. The second was it's similarity to Ocarina of Time. The last one was that they threw the game's main pairing out for this one. Don't get me wrong. I love Midna. I think she's one of the coolest characters of the series, but wasn't it all about 'The hero of time and the princess of destiny' in every other game? I mean... well, I don't dislike LinkXMidna, because for the game Midna's in, the characters fit perfectly, but if you look at the series as a whole, it doesn't make as much sense. IMHO.
Maurexen Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2009
Maybe they were trying a different "paring" (since they didn't end up together)...
Majora's Mask didn't end up having a pairing at all...Maybe they're trying to mix it up but...

All I know is I hope it's a Link X Zelda pairing in the next LOZ game (who knows how long that will be).
KannaLilly Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
Yeah, I do get your point. Though I think thats the strongest I've seen a pairing enforced since Triforce of the Gods. Aw well, it's all for the fans, anyway :)
Majora's Mask was more of a spinoff of Ocarina. I mean, if you wanted you could warp it into LinkXNavi (a pairing I may never understand), but it was really just another game with songs.
Well, there have been rumors going around... though so far I guess it's really on a -one per system- basis. Has been since the 64-OoT (and it's sequel) Gamecube-Wind Waker Wii-Twilight Princess DS-Phantom Hourglass.
Maurexen Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2009
Link x Navi-I don't get it either. Half the time I just want her to shut up.

That stinks....if I have to buy another system to play the next Zelda game I will go on strike.
KannaLilly Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2009
XD Totally :D
The next Zelda game will probably be on Wii, so dont worry. Supposedly, they'll be announcing it at E3 this year, so let's keep our fingers crossed!
Mew-Dasha Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2009
puppy hugz ^^ <3
Hyruleknight Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
its a good theme for loz
Maurexen Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009
:) Thanks.
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